Cowboy Up Kennel, located in Alberta, and Double LL Labradors, located in Saskatchewan, offers for sale quality Canadian Kennel Club registered Labrador Retrievers. Please visit our websites for more information about our Labs. If you have any questions please email. Contact information can be found on our individual websites.

Cowboy Up Kennel, Alberta Lab breeder - - Nathalie and Arnold Gillespie. Cowboy Up Kennel currently has Lab puppies available. Please also visit their adult page - for older pups/adults they have for sale.

Double LL Labradors is breeding for spring litters. Please check their adults page for older pups/adult Labs they have available for sale. Double LL Farm and Kennel, Saskatchewan Lab breeder - - Leila and Garry Flavell.

Cowboy Up Kennel and Double LL Labs are both members, in good standing, with the Canadian Kennel Club.

Please also visit Canada's Dog Breeders for more information on Labrador Retrievers and other CKC registered breeds.


Lab breeders in Canada


General appearance: The Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium sized, short-coupled dog possessing a sound, athletic, well-balanced conformation. This enables the Lab to excel as a multi-purpose dog as a retrieving gundog or a service dog, the character and quality to win in the show ring and the sound temperament to be a loyal family companion. Labs love to retrieve and work and are at home in the water thanks to their webbed feet, otter tail and waterproof coat. .... click here to read more about Labrador Retrievers.


Cowboy Up Kennel


Cowboy Up Kennel raises Labrador Retrievers in both the English style and the American style for the discriminating Labrador owner. Our dogs carry quality champion pedigrees and genetics from Canada and the U.S.A. We are actively involved with the breed and can be seen in the show ring and in the field hunting constantly proving and improving our bloodlines. Above all each and every one of our dogs are cherished and well loved family companions. Visitors welcome. References available.

Cowboy Up Kennel
Nathalie and Arnold Gillespie
Irvine, AB
403 834 3400